Youth Leadership Through Adventure


The mission of Youth Leadership Through Adventure (YLTA) is to empower youth to lead and promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, reduce substance misuse, and improve overall school climate at each and every school in the North Country of New Hampshire.

The YLTA program is a collaborative partnership between Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Prevention Tools (ADAPT) Inc. and North Country Health Consortium to provide a youth-led prevention and leadership development model for students in Northern New Hampshire middle and high schools. The two consistent priorities for each YLTA group are the prevention of substance use among students, and the improvement of school climate.

The Berlin YLTA groups are based on research that identifies the following 15 constructs of Positive Youth Development:

  • Promotes bonding
  • Fosters resilience
  • Promotes social competence
  • Promotes emotional competence
  • Promotes cognitive competence
  • Promotes behavioral competence
  • Promotes moral competence
  • Fosters self-determination
  • Fosters spirituality
  • Fosters self-efficacy
  • Fosters clear and positive identity
  • Fosters belief in the future
  • Provides recognition for positive behavior
  • Provides opportunities for prosocial involvement
  • Fosters prosocial norms
  • Experiential Education and Prosocial Involvement Reduces Substance Use

    The Research and Findings on Positive Youth Development

    The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services published “Positive Youth Development in the United States: Research and Findings on Evaluations of Positive Youth Development Programs”. You can find it online by clicking here.

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